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    Mary Cohr can remove all skincare problems for a radiant, healthy, and supple look. 100% WORTH TRYING!


Whether you want to improve your brightness or eliminate deficiencies, all beauty lovers know, it always starts with skincare! Skin is our largest protective body and you can find the right ingredients from the mary cohr selection. Mary Cohr is a professional beauty brand that is used only in the best quality beauty salons worldwide. Why do you need mary cohr for smoothing fine features and wrinkles? What is skincare during menopause and do you need it? Find out here how to approach your skincare correctly ⤵️

You may have already heard of DNA skincare. This term includes a variety of beauty products that address skin damage at the cellular level. This means that instead of moisturizing the skin, "DNA skincare" improves wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and uneven skin tone! A high-level technologically distinctive practice from beauty balms and creams that uses certain ingredients to improve the DNA of the skin. Your skin suffers from trauma and stress as you approach menopause. Mary Mary Cohr believes that this scientifically guided skincare method gives you the best results! In other words, if you want your skin to look shiny despite the caused damage, you need ingredients that change your skin at a cellular level.

Read here to find out how mary cohr heals your skin from stress and significantly improves your well-being during a challenging time when your skin needs special attention and care.

#1. Transfer to dry skin essential oils. When your skin is severely dry, Mary Cohr helps to bring amino acids, vitamins, and fatty essential oils into the deep layers of the skin. It makes your complexion shine! Nothing works as well as Mary Cohri vital essence for dry and nourishing skin. Mary Cohr - Universal Vital Essence 15ml

#2. Repair of saggy or loose skin. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, during the first 5 years of menopause, women's skin loses about 30% of collagen. After that, the decline is more gradual. Women will lose about 2% of their collagen each year for the next 20 years.
If you need to restore elasticity, Mary Cohr has developed an ingredient formula that repairs even the most damaged skin cells (this formula was tested on extremely damaged skin burns). The formula of life contains 20 essential amino acids, 10 vitamins, 19 biologically active substances, 7 mineral salts.It can be found in: Mary Cohr - Cream New Youth 50ml

#3. The fight against acne during menopause, more specifically around the jaw. Mary Cohr has created Correcteur Purifiant Serum, which helps reduce the build-up of excess oil. Opens pores so they don't look big or irritated. A great product with a unique set of ingredients: Mary Cohr - Correcteur Purifiant Sérum 30ml

#4. Soothing redness of the skin. Ceramides, which act as cement in your skin's protective layer, make your skin drier and more irritated during menopause. Mary Cohr has created a product that heals skin cells and instantly gives skin a healthy look. New Cell Serum is a hit for anyone who wants glowing skin that feels comfortable, cared for, and healthy: Mary Cohr - New Cell Serum 50ml

#5. Before menopause begins, you may begin to notice thinning of the skin. The skin becomes thinner due to a decrease in estrogen levels. During menopause, the skin loses its ability to hold fluid, leaving it dehydrated, thin, and sensitive. Fortunately, Mary Cohr has worked on the NutriZen formula for Omega 3, 6, and 9 and fatty acid ingredients, essential for the skin. Mary Cohr Nuti Zen recreates the skin's hydro-lipid layer and restores intercellular cement, resulting in more elasticity and comfort: Mary Cohr - Creame NutriZen 50ml

If you have never tried mary cohr products before, you should start here...

STEP #1.
If you are looking for a healthy routine for skin well-being, choose 1 vital essence + 1 exfoliator + 1 moisturizer = You are ready for a routine! Your skin looks clear, supple, and radiant, even if you feel reddened, frustrated, and aged on the inside. To soothe, strengthen and reduce stress, you need to use Mary Cohr's unique products starting with: Mary Cohr - Universal Vital Essence 15ml

Vital Essence is a term used to describe Mary Cohr's product range and gives remarkable results. They work almost like a Vector image editor, pulling active ingredients down about 3 times. Each vital Essence product has a serum texture and contains 3 essential oils that allow the skin to quickly restore its optimal condition.

Mary Cohr has chosen three main 100% natural essential oils for their effectiveness and results in additional skincare: Lavender, Sage, and Rosemary.

  • Lavender Essential Oil - Activates stress relieving and soothing functions.
  • Sage Essential Oil - Activates skin regenerative functions.
  • Rosemary Essential Oil - Activates skin toning and stimulating functions.

These are the advantages of essential oils with no downsides. Essential oils are therapeutically highly concentrated and are so active that they can only be used if they are highly diluted in a neutral oil that acts as a medium. Essential oils penetrate quickly through the skin, but the oil medium remains on the surface of the skin, leaving an ugly shine and an uncomfortable oily feeling. Thanks to a patented process called hydrogenation, Mary Cohr has revolutionized the use of essential oils. They are placed in a hydrogel, which improves skin penetration and leaves the skin perfectly smooth and soft. Mary Cohr's vital essences are exceptional skincare products designed to stimulate the life functions of each skin type and improve its appearance. Choose your Vital Essences product based on your skin type. Vital Essences is available in five versions: Dry and dehydrated skin, devitalized skin, dry and nutritionless skin, combination, and oily skin.

How to use Vital Essences? To achieve your beauty goal, apply Vital Essence to the skin before each skincare product (cream, serum, and mask) to awaken skin cells in the morning and make beauty products more susceptible. In the evening, it relieves stress in skin cells and soothes blood circulation to promote the absorption of later-applied beauty products after a crazy day.

STEP #2.
Choose the remarkable facial peel. There are 2 Mary Cohr peels to choose from. The first one is the extremely popular Lily Essences Mild Exfoliator light peeler. If you want an exfoliator that is gentle on sensitive skin but has obvious smoothing results then this is for you.
Radiance Gentle Scrub is described as "Liquid Gold", as it comes out as a golden gel. Just add a bit of water and massage to remove dead skin cells for healthy skin. Truth be told, when you enter menopause, your skin does not quickly. Therefore, you may notice slightly duller skin. The peel provides an easy way to change the contour of the skin without damaging the delicate complexion.

STEP #3.
Use the well-loved moisturizers Mary Cohr - Moisturising Light Creame 50ml and Ingenious Cream 30ml. These are not the only moisturizers we would love to draw your attention to. The best-selling Mary Cohr moisturizer is Moisturising Light Creame. The toning chameleon cream Ingenious Cream containing SPF15 has a particularly good effect on the skin.

  • Softens fine lines and provides 24 hours of moisture to your dry skin.
  • ​Maintains a pigment that cleverly matches any skin tone. Reduces the redness of the skin.
  • Contains SPF15 to protect thin and fragile skin from the sun all day long.
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