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Online Booking Services

Dear customers, please consider that we have a waiting list for our services. Please make sure that you are able to show up and help us avoid keeping other clients on hold unnecessarily!

STATEMENT - PLEASE VISIT THE SALON ONLY WHEN HEALTHY AND WEAR A MASK! The e-shop is open 24/7 and necessary purchases can be made quickly and safely without any contact. We take care of our own health and the health of others! Health is our greatest asset... Protect your family and loved ones!


EASY TO USE - Contact information needs to be confirmed only on the first time.
ADDING A NEW BOOKING - It is simple and fast.
REPEATING BOOKING - It is simple and only requires a few simple clicks.
OVERVIEW OF THE BOOKINGS - Clearly visible from one place.
EXCLUDES ERRORS - You will always receive a booking confirmation notification and a reminder alert.

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